Refunds and Cancellation Policy


Normally there is no refund applicable as money collected is only for membership and conference registration. However, in case paper is registered without acceptance and fee is paid by authors, it will be refunded to the authors. In case fee is paid and paper is rejected due to non presentation or due to high plagiarism or format problem the fee once paid will not be refunded.


We at MIR Labs, Gwalior organise international conferences and give electronic resources for our members for which they have to pay annual fee depending on their category. The membership fee is paid once in year and membership is open always.

The payments for conference registration are received from various authors whose papers have been accepted for presentation, which is available through our conference website. The payment shall be made to this account by using conference registration page and it will redirect to this gateway. The information of all the authors who need to pay the registration fee is maintained at our conference websites like. or and for submission we use conference management systems, which are isolated from gateway websites.